Small Steps to Zero Waste

With plastic being so ever present in our daily lives, it might seem hard to imagine a zero- or low waste lifestyle at first. But it doesn’t start with zero waste. It starts with smaller steps, with you re-evaluating your daily needs and making small but significant decisions towards a more sustainable way of life. When I started making those changes to my lifestyle, I found it helpful to ask myself this one simple question every time I went shopping: DO I REALLY NEED THIS? With time more and more things just didn’t seem important enough and went back into the shelf. Remember this: Nobody is asking you to choose all or nothing. Sometimes convenience wins and sometimes you really want that packet of chips. And it’s okay. But notice what a good feeling it is, to have consciously made that decision. Even if you’re buying pre-packaged goods just 1 out of 10 times – you’ve still refused them 9 times more than you usually did! What were your #zerowastebeginnings like?!