About Me



Growing up in India you are constantly surrounded with garbage, if its in the city, if its along the ocean in the monsoon or if its the cow chewing it for hours. You are always faced with it. 

When i moved to Germany, i was not faced with it anymore, i just dumped it in the big bin behind the apartment building and it was gone. This made me realize my garbage consumption, not having to burn it in the backyard every week made me think, because i was producing 5 times more garbage. 

Rethinking that whatever I'm buying to eat at the supermarket, was packed and sometimes repacked in plastic. 

I have a food truck businesses on music events since 2015, this made me realize even more, of how much more consumption i was making. The food industry is a massive plastic producer. Everything that you use with plastic, has to be changed every now and then, according to the health department, but this is hard plastic. 

This brought me to my next Business idea, why not have an eco-friendly stall at the Christmas market where the consumption of people is enormous. Especially all the plastic toys, chemical perfumes and cosmetics, Christmas decoration etc., you know where I'm getting at. I wanted to make a lil change by introducing eco-friendly presents and lifestyle ideas that last you long, and make a better impact on nature. 


Having Multi Lingual Parents that were living a hippy and nomad lifestyle, I met lots of International people. Also me living a somewhat traveling lifestyle through my Festivals and Markets, I find Inspirational products.

I offer natural, long lasting and zero waste alternatives to synthetic and single use products.

For this i choose the products carefully. All  materials are either natural or recycled. The products are produced sustainably and resource-friendly.  Most of the items come from small artisan manufacturers, where the production volume is limited and the origin and process is therefore traceable and transparent.

 Of course I do a lot of research and testing, to ensure the quality is good and I can sell with a hand on my heart.