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Indo Naturals

 Indo Naturals creates plant-based zero-waste products that are made ethically in rural India.

Indo Naturals’ mission is to make sustainable living easy and exciting through zero-waste products made ethically in rural India. This is based on a sustainability model where Indo Naturals creates a solution based synergy between two major problems; ocean pollution and rural poverty. The zero-waste products are created by considering the whole process from raw materials, harvest, production, use and disposal. The products are made in rural India with local base ingredients and materials providing livelihood and empowerment to marginalized groups. In this manner, Indo Naturals makes it easy for you to reduce your plastic consumption, thus helping preserve the oceans and at the same time help provide opportunities and empowerment in rural India.


Probiotics are added to all our wellness soaps (body, hair, face) to help strengthen the skin's and scalp's natural defense. Probiotics are good bacterias that help fight off bad bacterias by creating a positive bacterial flora on the skin. It also makes the soaps more sensitive to the skin and scalp.

Multi purpose soap
Indo Natural Profile

Each soap bar comes packed in a recycled paper box with symbolic geometric patterns tied to ancient traditions of the Indo region. The boxes are made to be reused, but can also be composted (zero glue or tape) or recycled. Inside the boxes, the bars are wrapped in butter paper (no plastic) to keep them fresh, preserving their essential oils.