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Kaffee Form


Kaffee Form Profile
A Berlin Story

Coffee is deeply rooted in many cultures and among the most popular drinks worldwide. Global consumption is steadily rising, meaning that the coffee grounds, the remainders, are too. The initial vision of creating something new and lasting out of supposed waste led to years-long research and experiments until the unique formula was developed:a durable,robust material based on recycled coffee grounds and renewable raw materials brought to life in the form of design award-winning coffee cups. Kaffeeform combines design and aesthetics with sustainability and conservation of resources and strives to inspire people to re-think consumer behavior. Kaffeeform products are durable, loyal companions, and particularly the award-winning Weducer cup shows how form and function can pave the way for sustainability in everyday life.


All products are composed of used coffee grounds and other renewable, plant-based resources that are hardened with biopolymers. They are light but still exceptionally durable and robust, break-proof up to a drop height of 1.5 m, dishwasher-safe. Food-safe and free from plasticisers/BPA, recyclable. Vegan and cruelty-free. Every cup is one-of-a-kind. The special appearance of the marbled surface that resembles wood and rounded off by a light coffee aroma.

Kaffee Form Profile
Kaffee Form Profile

The reusable Weducer Cup is made out of recycled coffee grounds. The design took inspiration from classic takeaway cups, the grooved surface is reminiscent of cardboard and strengthens insulation and grip. The classic cup range holds three sizes – Espresso Cup, Cappuccino Cup and Latte Cup – all coming with a saucer and available in sets.