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Beeswax wipes is an alternative to plastic wrap, clean film and plastic boxes

This pack contains 3 beeswax wipes:
1x Large -36X29cm
1x Medium – 29X23cm
1x Small – 25X18cm

My beeswax cloths are made of beeswax from the high mountains of the Western Gahts Kodaikanal. Kodaikanal is a town in the south of India at a hight about 2000m. The bio cotton fabrics are recycled.

The warmth of the hands make beeswax wipes malleable and adapt to vessels and food. They are ideal:
for keeping you fresh, covering and taking away
Cut fruit and vegetables, cheese, break breads and much more can be wrapped with a beeswax cloth; Cover bowls, plates and glasses.
After use, you can wash the cloth under cold or lukewarm running water, possibly with a little rinse, and then dry it in the air. After that you can use it again. You can also squeeze the beeswax cloth into a ball and pull it back up to soften it, place the edges on top of each other, turn over several times and “craft” a fruit bag or bag for break bread. Then clean, dry, smooth and move on…..
Beeswax has an antibacterial effect, which protects and freshens the food.

antibacterial, reusable, washable, malleable

The cloths are not suitable for storing raw meat, sausage and fish.

If the beeswax wraps are very used and cracked, then put in the oven for 5 min on a baking paper sheet.

With good care and regular use, the beeswax wipes last for at least one year and can then be disposed of in organic waste or as a barbecue lighter.

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