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Book in German :Selber machen statt kaufen – Geschenke


Great Book for spending quality time at home.

More then 100 Ideas with great pictures.


Over 100 instructions and ideas for homemade gifts from the heart!

What do you give to a person who already has everything or who simply doesn’t need anything?
Thanks to mass consumption and ubiquitous advertising, gift-giving has not infrequently become a formality or a chore that can be done with money. But birthdays, weddings and other holidays are ideal occasions to get closer (again) and share something special with your loved ones!

Time together and experiences instead of impersonal vouchers: Such personal gifts of time are especially valuable because money can’t buy them.
Beautiful and useful unique items:
Self-made gifts, of which we present numerous in this book, say above all: You are much too important to me than that I would give you just “anything”.
Gifts from the heart instead of monetary gifts:
Instead of the supposedly obligatory exercise of giving gifts with money, homemade gifts and shared experiences can build and strengthen personal bonds.

Less mass consumption, more personality: It’s worth giving more homemade gifts (again)!


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