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Book in German : Wirf mich nicht weg – Das Lebensmittelsparbuch


Environmental conscious book.

This book is a great kitchen help full of new ideas to be able to save money and the environment.

This gives you great guide to stope wasting perfectly good food.


More than 333 sustainable recipes and ideas to combat food waste


Food waste concerns us all –

and we can all do something about it! From the field to the plate, about one third of all food is lost, around half of which is thrown away in private households.
With this book, we want to show how each of us can effectively prevent food waste at home as well as along the entire  chain, protect the environment and also save money.

Good for the environment: if we actually prevent avoidable waste, far less land for cultivation, fertilizers, pesticides and pasture will be needed and fewer greenhouse gases will be emitted, protecting forests and wild nature as habitats for animals and plants.

Good for the household budget: throwing away less means you need to shop less, so food savers also save a lot of money.

Good for you: preserving food and making full use of leftovers not only saves money, but is also fun with ever new, unusual dishes full of healthy vital substances from leaves, stalks & co.


Tip: The Wirf mich nicht weg! initiative of the Regional Environmental Education Center Hollen e.V. offers a wealth of information and activities on the topic of food waste on the website wirf-mich-nicht-weg.de. In addition to workshops, cooking courses and much more in the Bremen region, there are also numerous nationwide activities, especially for schools.