Filter It, Filter Tip


  • Filter Tip for cigarettes
  • Plastic free
  • Eco friendly
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Cools glut for smoother puff
  • HandMade
  • Plus Non smelling case is added



These Filter Tip made of Ceramic is a a filter for Rollies. The ceramic cools down the smoke. You smoke only the tabacco, without any harmful chemical from the plastic filter or heated plastic that goes in your lungs. Also no more plastic covered cut carton and bleached paper.

With the FilterIt filter you dont have any garbage waste of filters on the ground and in nature, which can be harmful to animals and nature.

The filter is hollow but no tabacco goes through, only if its the last crumbs of tabacco you might get from the first puss some on your lips.

After a few days or 1 week, depending on how much you smoke, you need to clean it.Cleaning is easy, you need to boil cow milk (which has a special fat that cleans ceramic well) leave it in there for 5 min then rinse it with water.

PRODUCED BY: Kaio Creations
Weight 0.200 kg