Organic Bio Incense


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These amazing natural incenses were hand made by a man and his employers in Goa India.

Their scent is very pure and enlighten the room with a smooth essence as they are natural.

As we automatically breath in the incense as well, it is important that it is chemical free, especially when kids are around.

You can use the incenses in many ways, some use it for spirituality, some for the essence. I have a little ritual : When I clean my room and apartment, I turn an incense on the send away the bad spirits of the dust. So the apartment is not only clean from the dust, but also spiritualy 🙂 When you turn an incense on, send a good message to the universe 😉

This scent is : Citronila (mixed citrus and vanilla)

10 sticks

Burns about half an hour, but you can always turn it off, by cutting the tip in an ashtray.

Please be careful not to put it, near or on, anything that burns quickly! Keep away from kids and animals (they can get burnt)! Use an incense holder!Or an alternative  a plant pot,  stick it in the earth, so that the ash falls in the pot and does not burn the plant!


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