Liquid Wood Soap Case Big


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This soap case made of liquid wood looks and feels like plastic but is a 100 % natural material. The name is liquid wood and it is a bioplastic made of the waste product of the paper industry. Of which we definitely have enough!

The Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT) and their sister company Tecnaro developed the material in 1998. They called this new material “Arboform”. Basically it is a combination of lignin, natural resins and fibres such as flax or hemp.

With its durability and flexibility it is a viable substitute for crude oil based plastics. But unlike plastic it has the aesthetics and environmental advantages of wood. It breaks down quickly and so is an easily recyclable and biodegradable alternative. It is also suitable for vegans because it doesn’t contain any animal products and doesn’t involve any animal testing.

Since it is a natural product, it doesn’t have any toxins or chemicals. And with its very low sulphur content it is particularly suitable for the production of household items. You can shape it into so many different objects. For example toys, pens, car parts, watches and of course our beautiful soap boxes.

The liquid wood soap case it great for travelling but also suitable for home use and makes a nice zero waste gift!


PRODUCED BY: Einseifer
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