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Miswak Toothwood Natural Toothbrush


Miswak toothwood combines toothpaste and toothbrush in one little twig. The natural toothbrush is used for its antiseptic and nurturing properties since ancient times. Till date it provides a healthy alternative or addition to conventional care.

Method: Remove bark from the upper end of the twig and chew the tip until the fibres come apart. Then brush and polish your teeth with the brush like end. Air dry after usage and moisten before next use. Cut tip off when worn out and restart the process.

Beneficial Ingredients: Fluoride (hardens enamel), Silicate (softens brush), Vitamin C (conserves), Tannin (astringent), Saponin (removes particles), Flavonoid (antibacterial), Calcium, potassium (mineralising).



Weight 0.300 kg