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Natural Soap Nut Detergent (100gr.)DIY


These soap nuts are the best 😌 they come from an eco farm and derived from the zero waste store of my friend in India #zeroposro
When you are buying product from abroad, check out where they come from and how their quality is. These are freshly picked and dried, so the soapy quality is very high.

Natural Fabric Softener

During the rinse cycle a small amount of saponin (the soap) is released which acts as a natural fabric softener – opening up the fabric fibers instead of leaving a residue. No need to take out before the rinse- leave it in the whole time. Because it is a natural soap and not a synthetic chemical, it will not leave a grime on the fabrics as you would expect with regular detergent, making Soap Nuts a great choice for sensitive skin.

Don’t wash your baby’s clothes, bedding or stuffed animals in anything else! Eco Nuts is 100% Non Toxic – your family deserves the best!🤗

🌿Hand soap recipe 🌿

🌼Take a hand full of the soap nuts and soak for one night in 1l water.

🌼Simmer on low heat for 1.5 hour and let cool. Sieve the nut out and throw in the compost.

🌼When cooled off, add any organic essential oil of your preference.
I prefer sweet orange.

🌼Add to a spray container and use to wash your hand.
If you have too much soap, the store in fridge so it keeps longer, but to be used withing 10 days.
If you use destilled water it will stay longer fresh.

Weight 0.300 kg