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Natural Water Filter – Binchotan Activated Charcoal =500ml water



– antibacterial
– absorbes chlorine
– absorbes limescale
– balances PH-levels
– improves taste
– adds minerals
– improves airquality
– is compostable

Binchotan is the activated charcoal of the japanese holly oak and is used a natural water filter. It absorbes bacteria, chlorine and limescale from your water. But it also adds its own minerals and negative ions and ultimately balances the PH-levels. In addition the water will taste better because it becomes softer. Binchotan is durable unlike regular charcoal, it doesn’t crumble easily and will not discolour.

How does it work?
Just add the piece charcoal to a jug of water for 8 hours. Size S here works for half a litre of water. Every 2 weeks you should boil the coal in water for 5 minutes to purifiy it.  It will filter your water effectively for up to 5 months.

But you can also use it to improve your air quality in the house.  The negative ions will refresh and revive your room  air. And you can even use it in the Fridge! Because it absorbes all kinds of food odours.  We recomend to use it as a water filter first, after a few months you can move to the fridge, before eventually disposing it.

If you have a garden or plants just crush the coal and add it to your soil. The minerals are good for your plants too! Otherwise toss it in the biodegradable bin or your compost, if you have one.

PRODUCED BY: Binchotan
Weight 0.300 kg