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Plastic Free Travel Mug made of Coffee Grounds


  • 100% plant based
  • to go tool
  • recyclable
  • resource saving
  • free of BPA
  • free of melamin rasin and formaldehyde
  • not tested on animals
  • suitable for dishwasher
  • Volume: 350ml.
  • Thermal
  • Packaging: Plastic free cardboard box.

You like having your coffee on the go but can’t justify single use cups? Here’s the solution: A plastic free travel mug made of coffee grounds!

I always hated the taste of plastic from my good coffee in the to go cup, then I found the alternative ceramic cup. The ceramic cup did not last long as it fell and broke into pieces, also it was very heavy. Then came the bamboo cup alternative, but I quickly learnt that bamboo cups are made with plastic, not a solution! I did not have to look far though, there is a company right here in Berlin producing cups out of coffee ground waste, so even a recycled material. Amazing!

The young company based in Berlin developed the material after years of experimenting and named it kaffeeform – same as the company. Their vision is to create a real circular flow and to convert the otherwise thrown away product into a useful item.

The mugs are made in cooperation with local and social production partners within Germany itself. Every week a cycle courier picks up the coffee grounds from a selection of cafés in Berlin. So even the transport is eco-friendly. The curier delivers the grounds to various workshops.  They then process it into solid shapes. The end product is durable and sturdy – and in every way the perfection of a sustainable indulgence!

Caution: the cup itself is not heatable, so don’t keep it on your stove or in the microwave. It is also not completely leak proof because there is a hole on the top for drinking. They have created lids that close the cup totally, but this will be added soon in our product.

The mug is shatter-proof  from upto 1.5 metres hight. It can also be easily washed in the dishwasher.

Its the perfect gadget for your hand bag, but also to keep in your car! How many times have you driven somewhere and needed the extra boost from a gas station, this is the perfect solution to plastic cups and one time use cup!

Use : Fill or refill your cup with your hot beverage and screw the lid on it, make sure the lid is straight and properly closed, I have spilled a few times on me because I did not close it well!

Valume : 350ml

Thermal : Stays ht for a while.

PRODUCED BY: Kaffeeform
Weight 0.500 kg

Brown, Nutmag Red