Reusable Dry Wipes


Product Information

Set: 3 XL Makeup removal wipes.
Size: 13×13 cm.
Handmade in: Berlin, Germany.
Made of: 100% organic cotton (GOTS).
Packaging: Upcycled paper.

These reusable makeup remover wipes are made out of 100% certified organic cotton (GOTS = Global Organic Textile Standard). They don’t contain any chemicals, neither in material nor in colouring. Since they are reusable they can last for many years and are therefore cost-efficient. With their soft surfaces they are specially suitable for sensitive skin.

The XL version can be used as wet-wipe, for face, skin and Babies. We recommend a few drops of essential oil for fragrance.

The reusable makeup remover wipes are very easy to clean: either wash them in the mashine at 30° or by hand with some warm water. Please wash before first use because they might loose some fibres innitially. They’ll shrink slightly after the first wash but should’t change size after that. Note that the actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your screen.

We produce the cotton wipes in our own workshop in Berlin and can therefore assure that there is no waste in the production process. It is fair trade and handmade!

Disposable wetwipes are very harmful not only for our sewer systems but to  the environment in general! Although being marketed as flushable, they don’t disintegrate like toilet paper and cause blockages in our public canal systems. Additionally they contain a fair amount of plastic and don’t decompose naturally.



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