Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker


  • Material: Ceramik Raku
  • Hand Made
  • Suitable for Salt, Pepper, Chilli and any herbs that are powdered
  • See use description if content becomes humid.
  • Beautiful table decoration
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The Salt and Pepper shakers are made by a Japanese in Italy. He uses a very old traditional Japanese way to work with the ceramic. Its called Raku. The Black stripes are hair of Horse, its on of the many way to decorate Ceramic. They are all very different from each other, this makes it easier also to know which one has the salt in it.

These great and amazing Ceramic Shakers are just the add on to your Kitchen, if in a wooden warm style or on a glass table top.

With a nice vase of flowers, they look amazing! Also you can fool your friends on how to use them, as there are no holes on top like usual. The salt come out from the hole underneath.

Use:   Simply add Salt, Pepper or any other spice, in the little hole underneath. SLOWLY, a bit at a time.

Then turn it around and shake it up and down to use it.

Tip: If the salt becomes moist, then just put it in the oven or on an electric stove for 2-5 min, depending how warm. This will make the salt dry again and ready to use.


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