Toothbrush Box / Liquid Wood


  • plastic free
  • recyclable
  • organic
  • like plastic but not plastic
  • no problem washing with hot water (don’t put in dishwasher)
  • can stay wet
  • mold free
  • breathable due to 4 holes
  • Material Arboform (liquid wood)
  • 20cm long and 2.5cm wide
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This great toothbrush box is the thing you need for traveling or to the gym, or just to carry your Bamboo Toothbrush.

This Box is made of Arboform or also called liquid wood, which is much better than the normal plastic ones, but also better the the bamboo wood one. Very often when you keep your toothbrush in a wooden box, especially in humid places, the box starts to mold and your toothbrush too.

What is Arborm (liquid wood)? 
Arboform is a trade name for a bioplastic composed of three natural components: lignin, cellulose fibers and some additives. As a thermoplastic, it can be molded and is therefore also called ‘liquid wood’. The paper industry produces a lot of garbage, this is mixed with a resin and some additives and made into a shape like this box. Organic and recyclable!

The toothbrush box has 4 holes at the back, so that the eco friendly bamboo toothbrush can breath and does not Mold.

Use: After you brush your teeth, flipp the extra water from the toothbrush and put inside the toothbrush box. If it does break for some reason that I can’t imagine, do not throw in the bio compost, it takes more than 6 months to compost, so just throw it in the plastic bin.

PRODUCED BY: Einseifer