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The dawn of a new culture of dental care!
From the very beginning, we have been breaking new ground with SWAK Experience UG.

Since the company was founded, we have acted ecologically and sustainably out of conviction.
The results are unique and high-quality products, contemporary in harmony with man and nature.
This is what makes us, the company and our products.
As the company culture changes, so does the culture of dental care with us.
With the SWAK toothbrush, teeth are no longer scrubbed, but gently wiped clean.
We show that dental care can be completely chemical-free, super efficient and sustainable.
Teeth become noticeably smoother, and no plastic waste is created in the process, because the interchangeable head of the SWAK toothbrush is made of pure root wood.
But also with all other products we avoid plastic where possible, keep the formulations and packaging as simple and practical as possible and have thus created a dental care range that is more effective and sustainable than any other. 

The dawn of a new culture of tooth brushing!
With the SWAK, dental care moves from the bathroom into nature.
So you get gently and relaxed clean teeth, without plastic and toothpaste.

Swak Profil